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"Come, Walk With Me!" is a collection of poems and Very Short Stories by Byron G. Cox. He attempts to take you along from his teenage years when he began exploring this form of expression.

This collection of poems represents his unique way of paying tributes to family and friends on special events such as birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. He often explored themes of love, friendship, admiration and happiness, as well as his reactions to various events.

About Byron G. Cox

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Byron G. Cox

Byron Cox was born and raised in the countryside of St. Mary, Jamaica. A former teacher, Scout Leader and hobby farmer, he has been writing poetry for fun for many years.
“Come, Walk With Me!” is his first publication. The author is now retired from a career as a Paralegal and lives in Laurel, Maryland with his wife Sharron. He enjoys baking along with writing and spending time with their delightful 9-year old granddaughter, who is growing up much too fast!